ONGC’s largest offshore oil field, Mumbai High is producing continuously since almost five decades. It achieved peak production of 4.7 lakhs barrel oil per day in 1985. Production since then is declining. Currently producing 1.5 lakhs bopd.

ONGC has been doing redevelopment in phases to arrest the declining trend.

The field is spread over2000 square km in Mumbai offshore in the Arabian Sea. Mumbai High holds 14 billion barrels of oil initially in place (OIIP).

Recovery till date has been below 30%. Higher recovery is possible.

ONGC is looking for international expertise for

improving recovery and production performance


The contract will be for 15 years with an option to extend by 5 years. The contract also includes the right to explore all kinds of hydrocarbon. The operators will also get additional incentives on achieving production higher than the committed incremental production.

ONGC awards 49 marginal fields to seven bidders. The new operators are expected to bring in new technology and capital to raise output from these mature fields. The enhanced-production will be shared between ONGC and the private operators.

 ONGC had invited bids for 64 fields clustered in 17 contract areas with 300 million tonnes of oil & gas reserves. 12 companies had made 28 bids for 14 clusters, covering 50 fields.

These 49 awarded fields span across 13 contract areas in four states: Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Assam.


in 2019, ONGC, India’s largest oil and gas producer had issued Notice Inviting Offer (NIO) seeking partners for its 64 marginal nomination fields. The objective was maximizing recovery from these fields by infusion of new technology and the enhancement of oil and gas production.

The offer shall allow interested companies to participate in the International Competitive Bidding (ICB) process announced for 17 onshore contract areas comprising of 64 oil and gas producing fields with total in-place O+OEG volume of about 300 MMTOE.

Companies, either alone or in consortium or joint ventures, may bid for one or more contract areas. The bidders are required to fulfil the requisite technical and financial criteria and the bids would be evaluated on the basis of revenue sharing from the incremental oil and gas production.

Bidders interested in studying the data can purchase field information dockets and data packages. Interested companies can access the data viewing facility at Institute of Reservoir Studies (IRS), ONGC, Ahmedabad

ONGC looks for Companies for Oil and Gas Production Enhancement

  1. ONGC Offers 47 oil and gas producing fields on International Bidding
  2. These oil and gas fields together have 211 MMT oil and oil equivalent gas in-place.
  3. The fields are on-land and located in Gujarat, Assam, Tripura, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh.
  4. The incoming companies will be handed over the fields to operate.
  5. They are required to bring in new technology and capital to raise output and mutually share the incremental production.
  6. The Bidders are required to have the requisite technical and financial criteria.
  7. Bids would be evaluated based on committed incremental production, the revenue share percentage for incremental production and quoted work programme.
  8. The 47 fields are clubbed in thirteen contract areas for bidding.
  9. Eligible Domestic or Foreign companies, either alone or in consortium can bid.
  10. The initial contract period will be of 15 years with an option to extend it by five years.

#Contract Area No.ASSETNo. of FieldsFieldsOIIP (MMT)GIIP (BCM)O+OEG in place (MMTOE)
2ONGC/PEC/2023/CA-3/MOTERA4Motera, South Viraj, Virgovindpura, Wamaj12.941.3914.33
3ONGC/PEC/2023/CA-5/SW MOTWANAnkleshwar7Sisodra, SW Motwan, West Motwan, Kim, Kosamba , Olpad, Dahej12.4811.8324.31
4ONGC/PEC/2023/CA-6/DEMULGAONAssam4Banmali, Safrai+Nahohabi, Sonari, Demulgaon22.6729.6
5ONGC/PEC/2023/CA-7/CHANMAIGAON2Chanmaigaon, (Disangmukh + Panidihing)19.564.924.46
6ONGC/PEC/2023/CA-9/NANNILAMCauvery3Attikadai, Mattur+Thirukalar, Nannilam4.452.787.23
7ONGC/PEC/2023/CA-10/KOVILKALAPPAL6Kizhvalur, Kovilkallapal, Kuttanalur, Tulsapatnam, Adiyakkamangalam, N. Kovilkallapal16.148.7924.93
8ONGC/PEC/2023/CA-11/PBS-12PBS-1 , Ramnavalsai02.472.47
10ONGC/PEC/2023/CA-14/NAMBARJorhat2East Lakhibari, Nambar5.831.27.03
11ONGC/PEC/2023/CA-15/MANSAMehsana4Akhaj, Mansa, Wadasma, S Mewad + Warosan21.782.7624.54
12ONGC/PEC/2023/CA-16/PONAMANDARajahmundry9Adivipalem, Elamanchili, Razole, Kammapalem, Geddanapalli + TVAA, Mori, Ponamanda + Penumadam, Endamuru + GS-KW3.7318.3622.08
13ONGC/PEC/2023/CA-18/Tripura2Baramura, Sonamura09.999.99