Trustworthy Advisors, a private company, provides technical, financial, strategic, and management advisory and consultancy services. Trustworthy is based on the management principle of ‘trust and integrity’ with a mission is to provide independent and true advice to business owners and help them grow and maximize firms’ value.

We believe each business firm is unique. And ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not help a business reach its full potential. We focus on fit-for-purpose solutions for clients. It independently vets and provides a professional opinion on which one can trust.


We provide our 24X7 services through phone calls, WhatsApp, Zoom, Google Meet conference-call, and emails, besides meetings, and visits to the clients’ site.


Trustworthy has provided consultancy to leading domestic and international companies for projects within India and abroad. Our clientele ranges from Proprietary Firms to Listed Companies, from Top (Maharatna) PSUs to New Entrants into the industry. We offer a wide range of advisory and consulting services, all designed specially on case to case basis. Our services include:

  • Techno-Economic feasibility study of Projects
  • Raising funds from banks and lenders
  • Capital Corporate Restructuring. We examine the firm’s balance sheet and look for suitable capitalization and suggest ways to finance the transaction.
  • We advise on a turnaround strategy for companies in distress
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A). We do Due Diligence and vet the transactions including valuations and protect the interests of the client. We help to negotiate and close a deal faster 
  • Independent reviews and vetting of projects at the pre-sanction stage on behalf of lenders
  • Monitoring and Independent Reviews of projects at implementation stage and thereafter
  • Formulation of Expansion Scheme for existing projects
  • Management Audit: Periodically auditing the way the existing business runs and identify problems and suggest remedial actions.
  • Formulation of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Organizing training programs to develop financial, managerial & soft skills.

Some recent assignments successfully completed:

  • Field Development Plans (FDP) of Offshore and Onshore oil fields
  • Appraisal of Redevelopment Scheme of Matured Oil Fields
  • Valuation of Oil & Gas Assets 
  • A to Z Consultancy for bidding in Discovered Small Fields Round I, II & III
  • Guiding companies on OPAL bidding
  • Consultancy to Special CBM Bid Round
  • Expert Advice to NRIs on Taxation issues
  • Preparing Accounting Policies and Operational Manual
  • Planning and execution of Diversification of an online tax Filling Company into Retail Wealth Management Company.
  • Developing an online START-UP jointly Entrepreneur Cell of IIT Bombay for the Used Car Segment.
  • Multi-phase Expansion of a Dairy Products Company.

Issue of NIO & MRSC of DSF-III                              10th June 2021

Bid submission Starts                                              15th December 2021

Bid submission Closes                                            31st May 2022

Award & Signing of Contracts                                 10th September 2022

  • Valuation of Assets 
  • Basic Due- Diligence for Acquisition of Companies.
  • Pre-disbursement vetting of project financials and reports of oil field exploration and development, for Banks.
  • Independent review and vetting of techno-economics of oil field service companies for a consortium of lenders (PSU Banks).
  • Techno-Economic Feasibility of Developing Discovered Oil Fields.
  • Financial Consultancy to Smart City Projects being run by Govt Of India (In collaboration with State Govt & Local Municipal Body).
  • Fund Raising from banks, lenders and consortium for multiple projects of the Smart City to make the Projects cost viable and also to find the revenue model for the projects.